Team Information

March 24th, 2018

    1. Contest Location
      1. Across the street from Big Toho Marina – 69 Lakeview Drive, Kissimmee, FL 34741 – The event will be held in the overflow lot across from the Marina. You may use the Marina address for GPS or mapping apps.
      2. Timetable of Events
        1. Thursday
          1. We are trying to have water and power in place by 5pm. We will confirm this as we get closer to the event. FOR TEAMS ARRIVING ON THURSDAY – PLEASE LET ME KNOW YOU ARE COMING IN BY TUESDAY AT THE LATEST
          2. Friday
            1. 10:00am – Meat inspections begin
        1. 5:00pm – Cooks Meeting – MANDATORY (BOXES DISTRIBUTED)

*** All events will be held onsite at the competition location

      1. Saturday
        1. 9:00am – Judges Meeting – MANDATORY
        2. 11:00am – First turn in – CHICKEN
        3. 12:00pm – Second turn in – RIBS
        4. 12:00pm – Event opens to Public
        5. 1:00pm – Third turn in – PORK
        6. 2:00pm – Fourth turn in – BRISKET
        7. 5:00pm – Awards
  1. Lodging
    1. Kapp and Kappy B&B
    2. Kissimmee KOA –  2644 Happy Camper Pl, Kissimmee, FL 34746
      (407) 396-2400
  2. Parking Instructions
    1. On arrival – teams will be parked (with a few exceptions because of size) in the order they arrive
    2. No vehicles will be allowed in the cook area that are not part of the cooking set-up, there is additional parking across the street and on the road (see map), that said, if your vehicle fits in your allotted competition space, it may stay on site.
    3. If you have specific parking requirements that fall outside of the parking for your team, please contact me directly so I can help you with arrangements
  3. Admission Passes
    1. Teams will be provided with lanyards for the number of people submitted on the application
    2. We ask that you have these with you if you leave the cook area. We are trying to limit foot traffic in the area to just competitors and judges.
  4. Additional Info
    1. Tent Set Ups
      1. Any teams with a tent structure of more than 900 sq. ft. must provide a valid retardant certificate PRIOR to arrival. These will need to be to me no later than Wednesday, March 22. If these are not provided for review and a structure exceeds that size, the Fire Marshall will ask you to remove it completely.
      2. Tents may be staked because we are in the overflow parking area. If you do not have stakes, you must have weights for the tent or a way to secure it to your rig
    2. Fire Extinguishers – PLEASE have one and make sure it’s certification is valid. Our hardware store in town, Makinson’s, can have some for purchase but EACH team will need to have one
    3. Water and Power – All teams should bring extra hoses (at least 100 ft) and extension cords. We will have some available on site but with the increased number of teams this year we will not have enough for everyone. Our hoses will be spray painted HOT PINK. Please don’t take them with you by accident when you leave, replacing those things is expensive!
    4. Ice – We will have ice available for you on site – we are still working out prices and bag size
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